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About Lot Polish Airlines

Lot Polish Airlines is the world’s largest airline which is known for its flag carriers that operates from Warsaw. It is the flag airline of Poland that operates in around 83 destinations covering the regions of Europe, North America, the Middle East and also the Asia. Fliers planning to move to the above mentioned continents and its different regions can book flights online by simply following the booking process.

Lot Polish Airlines Easy Flight Ticket Booking Options

Ticket booking to different categories such as the Economy Class, the Business class and the Premium economy can be booked via website of the Lot Polish. While booking, if customers find any glitch, they can dial the Lot Polish airlines phone number and ask for the relevant assistance.

The subordinates sitting at the Lot Polish airlines customer service are trained to provide the necessary assistance to the fliers, calling for help. They are experienced enough to provide the required aid to the customers either through email or call support.

Payment within seconds

Customers can quickly find & book the cheap flights to their targeted destination with the full hand support of the Lot Polish airlines helpline number. Just dial the number 212 789 0970 and ask the representative at the helpline counter to help you with the payment procedures. The concerned personnel will surely assist in the likeable manner.

Book tickets with Lot Polish Airlines today!

Experience the wonderful flight to Europe or North America with the help of one of the World’s oldest airlines by dialing the Lot Polish airlines contact details.

Additionally, know more about the airline and its service quality by departing a look at the Lot Polish airlines reviews. Enjoy your trip and don’t forget to share your feedback too.

Lot Polish Airlines International Customer Service Numbers

Address:ul. Komitetu Obrony Robotników 43
02-146 Warsaw, Poland
Lot Polish Phone Number +48 22 577 77 55
Lot Polish Emaillot_info@lot.pl
USA, Lot Polish Chicago + 1 212 789 09 70
USA, Los Angeles + 1 212 789 09 70
USA, Lot Polish New York + 1 212 789 09 70
Armenia, Yerevan +48 22 577 77 55
Austria, Vienna +43 1206092573
Belarus, Minsk +48 22 577 77 55
Belgium, Brussels +32 22007591
Bulgaria, Sofia +359 24916188
China, Beijing4008822057
Canada, Toronto + 1 416 236 42 42
Croatia, Rijeka4008822057
Cyprus, Larnaca +357 77788697
Czech Republic, Prague +420 239018293
Denmark, Billund +45 43310442
Estonia, Tallin +372 8840899
Finland, Helsinki +358 969379036
France, Paris +33 155698083
Georgia, Tibilisi +995 322421163
Germany, Dusseldorf +49 69 153253324
Great Britain, London +44 2037888001
Greece, Athens +30 2130382141
Hungary, Budapeszt +36 17789569
Ireland, Dub +353 15621255
Israel, Tel Aviv +972 37217931
Italy, Milan +39 0287103679
Japan, Tokio +81 3 6362 8079
Kazakhstan, Astana88005557097
Latvia, Riga +371 66164011
Lebanon, Beirut8558893007
Lithuania, Palanga +370 52111767
Luxembourg, Luxembourg +352 3420808723
Macedonia, Ohrid +1-416-236-4242
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur + 1 416 236 42 42
Moldova, Chisinau +48 22 577 77 55
Netherlands, Amsterdam +31 202013917
Norway, OSL +47 24055067
Poland, Cracow +48 22 577 77 55
Romania, Bucharest +40 373788254
Russia, Moskwa +7 4999512602
Serbia, Belgrade800190979
Singapore, Singapore +65 66222094
Slovakia, Kosice +421 268622716
South Korea, Seoul +82 220235706
Spain, Barcelona +34 918368553
Sweden, Göteborg +46 858770447
Switzerland, Geneva +41 227614249
Turkey, Istanbul +48 22 577 77 55
Ukraine, Kharkiv +48 22 577 77 55
United Arab Emirates, Dubai +97-104-328-4949

Lot Polish Airlines Review

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15 reviews on “LOT Polish Airlines Phone Number”
  1. Sharon Lucht says:

    Good Afternoon,
    Can you please have a look at this reservation LJTVG2
    Names: Foster/Harrison



    29 Dec 18 LO790 Talllin – Warsaw
    29 Dec 18 LO527 Warwaw – Prague

    These flights have already been issued, but they keep on cancelling out in our system, please find the ticket number below. I have also added baggage , but I am also unable to issue the EMD.
    Foster- 080-2858062354
    Wunsch – 080-2858062355
    Gavin- 080-2858062356
    Nieslen – 080-2858062357

    If you could please have a look at this for me , I would be very grateful. I have tried to find a phone number for you in Australia, if you have one can you please email me the details.
    Kind regards,

  2. Rose says:

    ” Fly or Not but Not by LOT ”
    That motto has been known for many decades.

  3. V Somek says:

    Cusomer service is absolutely the worst. I got yelled at and and simply got hung up on… after 30 mnts of wait time. Despite another 25 mnts of waiting, I called back and was still not able to talk with a supervisor- apparently they only listen into calls, but never talk to customers. This is beyond crazy!!!
    The handling of this basic issue is most disturbing and completely still unresolved-
    I am flying with my baby and a 4 year old during the Holiday Season. I booked a bassinet and seats ahead of time, because I dont want to hold the baby for 9hrs – if possible. Just a few days ago I received an email stating that my seats are no longer availabe. As it turns out, my flight was switched to a new plane with No Bassinet.
    Since there is No Bassinet, LOT had the least amount of courtesy to at least secure side by side seats for us- given that there is always priority for passengers traveling with small children and LOT always has assigned seating (first 2 rows of economy – row 7 and 8) for childen). Regardless of a Bassinet, these rows are always available for families with small childen… basic curtesy.
    So after switching plans on us, the least LOT could offer is the same seating arrangements as before.
    … instead of horrible customer service from Caroline and her coworker, who simply hang up on me.
    I guess it is too much to ask from customer service to trying to do their jobs and start to actually cared about their passangers, and live up to higher standards as cusomer service agents.
    No wonder LOT is ranked amongst the 10 worst airline companies.
    Shameful and extremely disrespectful client service!

  4. Nilza Abrao says:

    pedido de informaçao

    Bom dia
    Gostaria de saber o preço de bilhete BEW-MPM para uma criança de 4 anos.


  5. SAKIB says:

    ticket issue pls contact me

  6. Eduardo de la Luna y Olsen says:

    i need to request a ticket claim for flights with delays from your company. What do I need to do?. Thank you

  7. Daniel Patrick Brown says:

    Someone named “Nixon” provided me with my flights to Europe, but he will not respond to my email requests for seat assignment assistance.
    Kindly provide me with window seats throughout my flights (Washington/Dulles to Warsaw, Poland, Amsterdam, Holland to Washington/Dulles). I will greatly appreciate your help.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Carla McCoy says:

    I’m writing requesting a status update on my claim. As highlighted in my claim that was submitted, my flight was cancelled and it Was not me. I’m not married (can provide proof) and I’ve not authorized anyone to cancel my flight. When I arrived at airport, I had no seat/ticket and had to purchase another ticket from another airline at TRIPLE the cost. I’m requesting a FULL refund and the cost of having to purchase another ticket. I was in another country and my friend whom I purchased the original ticket with (same time) flew do Poland without me. Clearly there was a mixup. Someone else intended to cancel their flight and instead mine the ticket agent cancelling their ticket mine was cancelled. You should be able to see who else had a booking and did not get in the flight from Germany. I received no email notificationI’ve patiently waited 4 weeks but now need to know how I should proceed. As mentioned I need a Full refund and the cost of the new ticket refunded.

    It has been 6 WEEKS and this airline has not given me an answer refunded me for my original ticket and new purchased ticket…

    Please please contact I really need a resolution. I also would like to hear taps of conversation

  9. Miri grossman says:


    I need your help urgently

    I booked a ticket through your site for this coming saturday.
    The name was written wrong by mistake



    its written NCHMA instead of NECHAMA

    ill give you all the needed details if you want

    thank you in advance

  10. Jubayya says:

    My ticket pls cancel and give refund pls help me

  11. Patricia Wilson says:

    Is there any way you could add pet friendly deals? Every time I look at an offer that looks like I’d like to take advantage of it, the policy reads “no pets allowed.”

  12. Gina Henson says:

    Peace in Christ !

    Would like to ask if you have any GSA office of LOT POLISH AIRLINES in the Philippines or any agent ?

    Thank you and God Bless

  13. Diego Ramirez says:

    Three weeks ago I made a claim that LOT POLISH debited my credit card for $ 278. I did not make any purchase directly with LOT and nevertheless they charged me this value I do not know why. I have put some claims, but they respond with an automatic message that they will take time to respond. It will take more than 3 weeks to respond to a claim. I ask please expedite this procedure. Please I need my money back.

  14. Shirley says:

    The flight was comfortable and entertainment was good. We have flown with etihad and emirates in the past. We found polish airlines flight to be a little longer. However it was cheaper and just as comfortable.

  15. Shirley D. Bass says:

    Called them this morning but noone picked up the call. I wanted to book a flight to Brussels. then i get to know that this number is not for lot polish airlines i directly went to lot.com and booked the flight from original website

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