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The Best Airlines to Fly in the World 2019

When it comes to traveling by flight, serious consideration is done to find the best airlines with good quality customer service and facilities. But how do you select and choose the best airlines to fly when there are so many new airlines coming up almost every day? Every airline provides a different flying experience when it comes to air travel. Depending on their unique services, the experience can either be a great one or the worst kind of flying experience.

The Best Airlines in the world

According to the Australian aviation website, Singapore Airlines has been awarded the title of the Best Airline in the world for the year 2019. There are a lot of reasons to fall in love with the world’s best international airline. The fact that they always stand out in terms of providing some amazing aviation experience is not a surprise to anyone. They have a reputation of offering endless flying comfort throughout any long or short flights. And the added bonus to flying with Singapore Airlines is the attention of their hospitable crew.

Aside from Singapore Airlines, there are other carriers which are considered amongst the best in the aviation industry. To name some few, here is a list of some of the best airlines at present.

Emirates Airlines

Crowned with the title of the best airline in the world in 2016 by the leading consumer aviation website, Skytrax, this Dubai-based Airline is without a doubt one of the best airlines that in operating in the Middle East. Known for its extravagant aircraft, Emirates Airlines is the embodiment of first class service and luxury. Experience the wondrous world of the Middle East by flying with Emirates. From the private suites to the exclusive onboard lounge, shower spas, and world-class cuisine, you will feel right at home. The amenities are over-the-top but convenient in providing passengers the best of everything while flying.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways provides a one-of-a-kind flying experience to every passenger with their array of luxurious services. The Airline is conscious of the safety and comfort of their passengers. This is why they take special consideration in providing seat comfort and in-flight entertainment for all the passengers. In fact, this Doha-based Airline is known for its excellent Business class and Economy class service. Even if you are only flying on a budget, this Airline will make sure that while you are saving, you still get to experience a comfortable flight around the continent. Qatar Airways continues to expand its airline links with more than 130 destinations around the world.

Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways is the Hong Kong-based carrier that was established in the year 1946. This Airline continues to hold its name with the leading best international airlines. Cathay Pacific Airways hubs from the Hong Kong International Airport and has a well-connected flying network that flies in 36 countries and territories. Rated as a 5-star airline by Skytrax, it was reviewed based on the seat comfort, in-flight entertainment, and the service quality. Cathay Pacific Airways has a fleet of long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets and invest on the business strategy that focuses on offering a long and frequent number of flights across more than 115 destinations.

Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is the outstanding air carrier of Turkey with its hub located at the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The airline covers 200 cities worldwide and flies over 100 destinations which include Europe, Asia, the United States of America, and Africa. With a fast-growing airline record, Turkish Airlines is also a member of Star Alliance. This airline continues to set records in offering the best deals at the least expensive price for its passengers. And for anyone who prefers their privacy, this airline has an arrangement of seats that has a non-intrusive setting.  It has also made a priority to make several entertainments available for its passengers.  Such effort by the Turkish Airline highlights in providing a comfortable flying experience to all.

Etihad Airways

This award-winning Abu Dhabi-based airway is the carrier of the United Arab Emirates. This airline always upped its game when it comes to offering one of the best airway experiences. It manages an exceptional in-flight as well as on ground services to all its passengers. Etihad Airways flies the Airbus and Boeing fleet covering over 96 destinations worldwide. Flying with Etihad lets you enjoy the service of the most courteous staff that tries their best to fulfill your every in-flight demand. It serves a large facility of food on demand and the airline boss in flying aircraft that is designed with unique features such as noise-reduction in the cabin which can also be adjusted according to the needs of the passengers.

All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways is the largest international carrier in Japan. The airline is also home to Boeing 787 Dreamliners, which is one of the largest fleets in the world. Flying with All Nippon Airways will let you experience the diligence of the staff and crew members in maintaining cleanliness and safety for a good flight. Most of the planes of ANA are featured with slide-forward-style reclining seats that can also be made into a full-flat bed. The arrangement is done with generous spacing between seats to ensure that each passenger relaxes and enjoy the flight with All Nippon Airways.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines

The global aviation has developed immensely. This has lead to advancement in carrier services around the world.  And for travelers who are searching for international flights that will take them to a number of locations, there is a fleet of airlines to choose from. Among the many international airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airlines have made a name in the aviation world and has enhanced its network around the world. The airline is very popular with the passengers because it keeps the record of providing punctual service and flying to several destinations without any hassle.

British Airways

British Airways is the major national carrier of the United Kingdom. The airline is reputed to enjoy an extensive flying network around the world. This is proof when the airways operate in over 600 destinations and fly over 60countries all over the world. This airline is certainly for the ones who want to experience the joy of traveling to places located all over the globe. British Airways covers renowned global routes from South America to Australia, Africa, the Middle East, and flights for major countries. To enhance its global network, the airways operate in all central ports, keeping the people connected worldwide.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the national carrier of Thailand. Since the airline was founded in 1960, Thai Airways continues to make a name in aviation as a leader in providing quality service. This airline is heralded for its first-class and business services, but its economy service is of the highest quality compared to other airlines. The amenities and services available to the passengers, whether from the first-class, business, or economy class, the airline ensures each traveler receive quality services while flying with Thai Airways. Its dedication and consideration for comfort and service have earned them the award of one of the best cabin staff and the best airline in the world by Skytrax

Best LED Lighting Fixtures


Every room of your house is different in its way.

We all have grown up listening to the benefits of sunlight and the energy it gives. But have you ever observed the same effects by LED lights too? According to research, Light bulbs do help us in sleeping? Blue emitting light waves from bulbs produce a hormone called as serotonin, which functions in making you stay awake and excited to plan for another day. Whereas on the other hand the normal bulbs that don’t emit these waves functions in triggering the sleep patterns by making them drowsy and relaxed.

LED lights show some advantage here as they are energy efficient and provide better lighting than them. Some of the advantages of LED lights highlighted below with respect to different environments.

LED Lighting to use in the bedroom:

Most of us want a serene, calming and peaceful effect of our room. Trying to avoid the blue lights as it proves to be harmful to sleep and circadian rhythm allowing to produce more melatonin by your brain so that you can have a peaceful and comfortable sleep. You can also replace neutral or soft blue tones that will give a perfect reading fixture light if you are a night time reader.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 1500 to 4000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 2800 to 3000 Kelvin.

LED Lighting to use in Home and Office:

We need to ensure that the lights are in our capacity to be beneficial in the home or office when we want to set it up there. White lights give a cool theme and by using them in the desired workplace that copy sunlight will enhance serotonin secretion keeping you engaged, alarm, and excited to achieve your goal. Try making a point to choose a place that won’t make undesirable glares on your laptop or mobile screen.  However, Desk LED lamps can offer amazing desirable lightning and unique capacity to switch the shading of temperature on your interest.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 3000 to 6000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 2900 to 5000 Kelvin.

LED Lighting to use in Living Room:

The most common area of the home to sit back to relax, to entertain is the living room. Hence the light sources in the living room have to be a mixture to feel the essence of the occasion whether you’re inviting your friends for a party or having a movie night with your family. Living room usually has artworks hanging on walls or family photos, using adjustable lambs and positioning them towards the wall can give a nice shadow to glare at it. Led 3-way lamps are also very popular n market to use in living rooms.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 1500 to 3000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 2200 to 3000 Kelvin.

LED Lighting to use in Dining Room:

When having a meal along with your family we want the environment peaceful and the lighting to be perfect not so bright and not so pale that we start feeling dizzy. No matter it’s time for lunch in a day or to have a wholesale dinner at night, a dim light that gives the perfect brightness. We usually suggest some soothing tones that will make the environment of room peaceful and create the desirable relaxing environment of the dining area. Chandelier LED lights can also be used as they have perfect shade and give nice light output.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 3000 to 6000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 2200 to 3500 Kelvin.

LED Lights to use in Kitchen:

The kitchen is basically the most used place of the house as most all of us starts our day this place, and lights emitting blue exciting lights on every corner of the kitchen will help make our alarm and alert while preparing breakfast. On the other hand, a dimmable bulb on the counter of your kitchen works best with a neutral temperature, it can make a pleasant atmosphere to adjust the bluer emitting lights on the kitchen slabs.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 4000 to 8000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 2700 to 5000 Kelvin.

LED Lights to use in Washrooms:

Before we start out day and head on to go for work, we prefer to have a glance at the washroom mirror. In a perfect world, where we need the lights to come from the sides of the mirror instead of on the top. Utilizing LED lights will guarantee we want to ruin our shave time or having hurdles while doing makeup. Using the bigger ball and globe shaped bulbs to enlighten regular bathroom fixtures above and usually surrounding the mirror allowing you to see clearly when applying makeup, shaving, or brushing your teeth. You can also use LED lights to decorate your bathroom fixtures.

The Appropriate Recommended Brightness level ranges from 4000 to 8000 LM where the Colour temperature can vary from 3000 to 5000 Kelvin.

Portable Technology Gadgets for Education

Biometric readers, glasses, smart jewelery, and clock-sized computers will revolutionize classrooms in the near future.

Gadgets For Education

The next big change in technology will come hand in hand with portable devices. And as it will revolutionize people’s daily lives, it will also bring benefits to students. Wearable technology refers to clothing or accessories that incorporate electronic or technological elements.

The most notorious example is the Google Glass, a development of the information giant in the form of glasses that allow the visualization of augmented reality. GoPro cameras, wireless gloves to handle remote devices, biometric readers, jewelery, smart watches, and virtual reality devices are included in the same classification. NoFluffTech provide still more information about all these latest gadgets for your education.

In 2013, about 13 million of these devices were ordered online and that number is expected to increase to 170 million in 2018.

This technology can increase children’s ability to be more creative and innovative. Bill Gates says in a study published on the website of Microsoft that “new technologies can offer unparalleled opportunities to improve the educational environment for the benefit of students, teachers and administrative staff of schools. Students and teachers can participate in virtual classes that cross borders exploit the resources of any institution that has internet. “

The hundreds of educational institutions in the United States in their implementation have discovered through experience that there are infinite possibilities of learning through them.

These are some devices that in the future will revolutionize the classrooms.

Smart Jewelry

They are small pins, rings or necklaces that can save the lives of students in many risky situations. For example, in a chemistry class in which students manipulate materials that produce potentially toxic gases, jewelery can emit warning signals when levels of toxicity exceed.

Biometric Readers

In a physical education class, teachers could monitor the performance of each of their students and know how much to demand. These monitors send real-time data on heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, and so on. Thus, each student can receive training appropriate to their needs and in a more secure way.

Google Glasses

Google Glasses have multiple uses. For example, students would spend less time trying to locate themselves on the campuses of their universities. They would receive alerts of where the classes are, where the cafeteria is, the library, the photocopiers or administrative offices. In addition, if they use them during the classes, they will be able to receive alerts about complementary material of the lesson.

In the same way, students of physics, chemistry or medicine will be able to observe closely the procedures, where previously they could only attend in the distance. There are also advantages for teachers: in field trips, they will know exactly where their students are, and they can also provide information about what they are seeing.

Wireless gloves

The most advanced in the market is called Keyglove, and are used for video games, design, music composition, data manipulation and control of other devices. They are equipped with sensors that could allow students to intervene on the board of their classes from their positions. Together with simulators and virtual reality, they will be key for students of Design, Medicine, and Engineering.

Brain sensors

Every teacher has ever asked himself if his students understood what he has explained? In the future, I could know exactly: companies like Muse have developed sensors that connect with the brain activity of students and transmit in real time to a smartphone to a tablet what activities they understand and what they do not.

Best Printer for Home & Office

The Printer has become an important part of our work life. Though we live in the world of internet, sometimes we need to have some documents as a hard copy. For this, we need a printer. And those days are gone when we have to buy a large printer to do these simple work. You can buy relatively inexpensive and non-bulky devices from the market that not only prints but scans and faxes.

With some basic printers, there are quite a few all-in-one-printers, inkjet, color, mono, and laser printers available in the market. All the major companies like HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Makerbot, and many more, are manufacturing printers and are updating its technology. But sometimes, all the printers they manufacture are not the best. In this blog, we are going to talk about some best printers of all time but before coming to that, let’s understand how to buy a printer. So let’s get started.

How to buy a good printer?

  1. Check which printer is supported by your Personal Computer.
  2. Understand your needs.
  3. Check your budget.
  4. After deciding these 3 things, look for the features that are really beneficial for you.
  5. Lastly, choose the right printer.

Best Printers of all time:

HP Deskjet 3630:

HP Deskjet 3630 is one of the best picks for home or small offices. It provides a decent print quality at an inexpensive rate. It can also be connected to mobile phones which reflects the modern working environment where more people use a smartphone or tablet than a laptop or desktop PC. If you are looking for a cheap model of HP and looks good in the display, this printer can be a great option.

HP Deskjet 3630
  • Paper sizes: Borderless A4, Borderless A5 and B5, A4, A5, A6, B5
  • Print speed: Depends on the document.
  • Paper capacity: 60 sheets
  • Weight of the machine: 4.2kg

Canon Pixma TS8050:

Canon Pixma TS8050 is new in the market and runs faster than all the old models. It is a handy and great product for anyone who is in the traveling profession or someone who is looking for a small printer for occasional use. It can be used to print photos and scan some usual documents. It is a little bit pricey but it is flexible to use and gives the best quantity of the printouts.

Canon Pixma MG4250
  • Paper size: A4, A5, B5, DL (envelope)
  • Print speed: 15 ppm black, 10 ppm color
  • Paper capacity: 100 sheets
  • Weight of the machine: 6.5kg

Samsung Xpress M2070W:

Xpress M2070W can help a lot in the business as it supports smartphones and online document sharing. It comes with a saving mode where you can easily remove the old images from documents by replacing bitmaps with sketches.

Samsung Xpress M2070W
  • Paper size: A4, A5, Executive, Folio, Oficio, ISO B5, JIS B5, Letter, Legal, Envelope
  • Paper Capacity: 150 pages
  • Print Speed: 20ppm
  • Weight of the machine: 7.45kg

Epson EcoTank ET-4550:

Epson EcoTank ET-4550 is one of the best All-in-one printers that comes with two years of ink package. It is comparatively cheaper than any other printer as it provides you with enough material to print up to 11,000 pages. It also comes with a 3-year warranty but it a little bit slower and has a small paper input tray.

Epson EcoTank ET-4550
  • Paper size: A4, A5, A6, B5, Envelopes, 9x13cm, 10x15cm, 13x18cm, 13x20cm, 20x25cm, 10×14.8cm
  • Print Speed: 33ppm
  • Paper Capacity: 150 sheets
  • Weight of the machine: 7.4kg

MakerBot Replicator+:

This printer is the successor to the MakerBot Replicator 3D printer. It is known as the best 3D printer as it provides the users with best print quality, comes in an excellent design, and contain many safety features. It is very user-friendly and but is comparatively expensive.

MakerBot Replicator
  • Paper size: Not specified
  • Paper Capacity: –
  • Print Speed: Depends on the paper and print
  • Weight of the machine: 22.8kg

Canon PIXMA TS9150:

Canon PIXMA TS9150 is known as one of the best wireless printers. It is certainly more expensive than others but still, it is very to afford. It can develop high-quality prints if you need to print at A4. This printer has an attractive design.

Canon PIXMA TS9150
  • Paper Size: A4, A5, B5, LTR, LGL, 20x25cm, 13x18cm, 10x15cm, 13×13, DL, COM 10
  • Paper Capacity: 120 sheets
  • Printing Speed: 15ppm black and 10ppm color.
  • Weight of the machine: 6.7kg

Brother PocketJet 763mfi:

It is the handiest printer which allows you to print A4 documents and is small enough to easily fit in a shoulder bag. It supports MFI Bluetooth protocol i.e. it is the best choice to print anything directly from your phone. It also supports the USB 2.0 for connecting to your PC. Additionally, you can buy a rechargeable high-capacity battery.

Brother PocketJet 763mfi
  • Paper Size: Letter, Legal, A4
  • Paper Capacity: 600 Pages
  • Printing Speed: 8ppm
  • Weight of the machine: not specified by comparatively very less.

Dell C1760NW:

Dell C1760NW is a color laser printer with plain, simple, smaller design. It is simple to operate and comes with a two-line LCD display and buttons for the basic menu. It also offers a USB 2.0 port, an Ethernet connector, and 802.11n Wi-Fi; but there is no as such USB 2.0 host connectivity. Its high speed makes it the best printer for office work.

Dell C1760NW
  • Paper Size: A4, A5, A6, Legal, Executive, Folio, ANSI A Letter, Com-10, C5, Monarch.
  • Paper Capacity: 150 pages
  • Printing Speed: 15ppm
  • Weight of the machine: 10.6kg

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740:

The HP OfficeJet Pro 7740 comes with some best features, like ink subscription service, it also steps things up when it comes to the production and overall abilities. It can be the best printer for the starters as it is proficient in printing 21 pages per minute (almost doubled from the other printers). This printer also works with Alexa so it makes the work much easier.

HP OfficeJet Pro 7740
  • Paper Size: sizes up to 11 x 17 inches (A3), Fax up to 8.5 x 14 inches (21.6 x 35.6 cm).
  • Paper Capacity: 75 pages
  • Printing Speed: ISO: 18ppm to 22ppm, Draft: Up to 34 ppm
  • Weight of the machine: 19.4 kg

Canon Pixma MG4250:

It is one of the most affordable colored printers that comes with a lot of features. Canon Pixma MG4250 is capable of scanning, copying, and color printing without even connecting to a wire so there is no need to from PC or mobile. It is a decent choice for home and office as it can print about 10 pages per minute. Though the ink cartridges for this particular printer is very expensive so it may cost you more in the coming time.

Canon Pixma MG4250
  • Paper Size: A4, Letter, 20x25cm, 13x18cm, 10x15cm
  • Paper Capacity: 100 pages
  • Printing Speed: 5.7 IMPA to 9.9 IMPA
  • Weight of the machine: 5.7kg

HP Sprocket Photo Printer:

It is a handy and meant for printing the photos. HP Sprocket Photo Printer proves that printers are not just meant for printing out professional-quality photos. It is a quick, fun, and easy way to play with photos. It doesn’t need ink unit so there is no need to spend your money on buying cartridges. This stylishly designed machine uses batteries to run. It’s not the best product to print the standard documents.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • Paper Size: 313 x 400
  • Paper Capacity: 10 sheets
  • Printing Speed: 40 seconds
  • Weight of the machine: 0.17kg

Conclusion: These were some of the best printers for Home & Office. Though we would suggest you research about the product before buying it. With the growing technologies, there are many new printers launching in the market. So researching will help you to get the best product.

Best Internet And Satellite Internet Service Provider

An Internet service provider (ISP) includes different companies which provide you with access to the internet usually from computer, Pc or laptop. There are several ways through which data is transmitted including wireless, cable modem, DSL, and dial-up. An internet service provider (ISP) or internet access provider (IAP), provide you with a connection to the internet through which they can easily access their email accounts, do online research, internet surfing, online shopping and much more.

Every regional area has their own internet service provider and services are provided on a contractual basis. Generally, there are different packages and plans for internet services depending upon your needs and requirements. The best internet provider is absolutely dependent upon the area and the company who is providing the internet access services. However, if you’re searching for the best internet provider, then there are certain crucial points that should be kept in mind before selecting the internet service provider. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. High-Speed

According to FCC benchmark, the good internet speed is 25mbps. Therefore, those companies who offer speed less than 25mbps should not be taken into consideration to access your internet smoothly and without any interruption.

  1. Coverage

There are numerous internet access providers, but there are only limited internet providers which offer the best services. To get the best internet access services, the most important part is that their services should be available in your area.

  1. Connection

Nowadays, there are several kinds of internet connections available such as cable network, broadband, wireless, wired connection etc. It’s not too difficult to choose from a wide variety of connections because every internet service provider is offering 25mbps speed. However, wired connections are always better than modem or wireless because electricity travels at fast speed through copper or fiber.

  1. Customer service

One of the most vital points which should be taken into consideration before selecting an internet access provider is the best customer service. Customer satisfaction should be the main priority of their company.

As we get to know about the term “Internet Service Provider” and its crucial points. Now, below mentioned is the list of ten best internet service providers:

  1. AT&T – Best internet service provider and customer service
at&t internet phone number

One of the oldest telecom companies in the US, AT&T offers Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and fibre-optic internet services to its customers with an impressive speed. Their brand use fibre-optic networks to deliver fast internet speed and crossing the 1,000 Mbps speed in some of the cities. If you’re living in an area which isn’t equipped with fibre-optic internet network, then you can easily avail their DSL internet services which also deliver high-speed. Along with high-internet speed, AT&T specializes in best customer services which include price, overall performance, speed, reliability, communication and most importantly, customer service. There are many internet users attached to their company because of their broad coverage. So, if you’re screwed up from your internet service provider, then try AT&T at least once for an amazing experience.

  1. CENTURYLINK – Best business internet

CenturyLink is providing internet services at an affordable price with lucrative offers. Their brand offers internet services on a contractual basis –either month to month plan or two-year agreement plan. CenturyLink is considered one of the best business internet service providers because there’s a Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures solutions and compensations whenever their internet service gets down. If your internet is down from last 30 minutes, then CenturyLink compensate by offering one day free internet service. Many companies aren’t willing to share the terms of their services. However, CenturyLink is transparent in their services, terms and contracts.

  1. COMCAST XFINITY – Fastest and Maximum speed record
Xfinity Comcast Mail Phone Number

Comcast xfinity is a popular brand in providing maximum speed and serving numerous people in 41 states. It’s a cable internet service provider and delivers up to 2Gbps (2,000 Mbps). Their brand is offering a wide variety of packages at cost-effective prices. You can easily select from their widely available internet plans according to your requirement. In the beginning, Comcast Xfinity charges very nominal amount as installation charges. Hence, if you’re searching for the best internet provider with maximum speed, then Xfinity is the sole solution for your problem.

  1. CHARTER SPECTRUM – Best cable internet provider
Charter Spectrum Phone number

Another best internet access provider is Charter Spectrum. Spectrum doesn’t provide a variety of internet plans to its customers. Their basic plans start with 100 and 200 Mbps speed which makes it an incredible choice to stream various videos on YouTube, browse Twitter and online shopping, at the same time. Their company is offering fast internet speed, generous contract packages and several other benefits. If you pair your spectrum internet services with Smartphone and television, then you will get many advantages. Also, Charter spectrum doesn’t have a data cap which is another bonus point.

  1. FRONTIER – Best internet access provider at cheap rates
frontier communication

Frontier offers DSL, cable network and fibre-optic internet services to its customers at cheap rates. Their DSL plans are really cheap and provide good speed to browse internet and stream videos at the same time. If you’re signing a contract with Frontier, then you don’t have to pay for a router or modem. But, if you aren’t willing to sign any contract, then there’s a low-cost equipment charge which is still better than other companies. With Frontier, you get various packages which are absolutely flexible in terms. Therefore, it’s high time to choose an appropriate internet service provider at a reasonable cost.

  1. VERIZON – Best fiber- internet access provider
verizon Internet Phone Number

Verizon is offering best fibre-internet services at high-speed. From 50 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, their brand is providing incredibly high speed to stream videos, play online games, video conferencing and so on. With reliability and consistency in internet speed, Verizon is the top-notch brand who is ready to comfort you with amazing customer service. Additionally, they are offering discounts on two-year internet contract.

  1. WIDE OPEN WEST – Best internet access provider with lucrative offers

Although Wide Open West (WOW) has minimal coverage, their company is offering some of the best internet packages and plans at an affordable price. From 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, WOW is providing lucrative offers from which you can choose according to your requirements and budget. If you’re willing to purchase a modem, then there’s a minimal amount that you have to pay initially. Otherwise, on a contractual basis there’s no extra charge or fees.

  1. COX – Best cable internet access provider
Cox Internet

Cox communication is also offering cable-internet services to its customers. There are different packages such as starter, essential, preferred and ultimate internet services at different speed. Cox brand is providing fast cable internet with reliability. Therefore, get rid of your old internet service provider and choose Cox with different internet plans according to your requirements.



HughesNet is one of the best satellite internet providers with nationwide coverage. Wherever you’re living, HughesNet will always be available as an internet service option. At cost-effective prices, you can easily avail high-speed satellite internet services. With every internet plan, you will get 25 Mbps fast speed through which you can easily access the internet and stream videos. Hence, choose HughesNet to get the best satellite internet service.

Hughesnet Internet Phone Number

Majorly, there are two satellite internet providers Viasat and HughesNet. Viasat is topping the list with best customer reviews and ratings. As we all know, satellite internet services are always expensive. However, they provide much better speed and reliability. If we compare HughesNet with Viasat, then Viasat is offering high-speed data and much better Mbps. No matter where you live, you will easily get satellite internet services except some of the areas.

VIASAT Internet Support PHone Number


To sum it all up, these were some of the best internet service providers. Choose your internet service provider according to your ZIP code, data and speed requirement and most importantly, the price of selected packages. Compare different ISP and, then choose wisely according to your budget.

Best Home Warranty Companies In 2018

Having your own home is very expensive. You have to manage the monthly bills, property taxes, and various repairs that may be necessary. And somehow, it is very difficult to challenge your monthly or yearly budget for emergencies or important items. In such situations, a Home warranty can really help you.

A Home warranty is a service contract that will help you to cover the costs of repairs on home systems and applications, like washers, central AC, and furnaces that may get damaged without any warning. It is quite an interesting and helpful thing for any homeowner.

When it comes to choosing the right company for a home warranty, it becomes quite confusing because of so many options. If you are finalizing a home warranty company, always check their coverage, service pool, and for the financial restrictions on coverage. Also, check the company’s reputation and their customer services.

In this blog, we are listing some best Home Warranty Companies of all time. Let’s get started:

American Home Shield is one of the oldest and appreciated home warranty companies. It was established in 1971 and has the premium range from $29.99 to $34.99/month. You can also choose from the deductible options i.e., $75 to $125. And the best thing is that the coverage becomes effective in just 30 days of the purchase.

american home shield

Plans Available:

  • Appliances Plan- It includes the coverage of any 10 appliances.
  • Systems Plan- It Includes the coverage of 11 home systems.
  • Combo Plan- An all-inclusive package at the best price.

Note: You can even customize the plan according to your preference.

America’s 1st choice is one of the top picked home warranty company. The company only ask for some minimal information so that you don’t have to worry about the protection of your personal information. AFC was established in 2009 and since then it has been giving some great plans.

America's 1st Choice Home Club

Plans Available:

  • Platinum- Clothes dryer and washer, Refrigerator, water heater, oven, stove, garbage disposal, AC, garage door, electrical system, etc.
  • Gold- It covers everything in the platinum package except, built-in-microwave and plumbing stoppages.
  • Silver: All the basic coverages except AC, Inbuilt Microwave, electrical, heating, plumbing, and ductwork.
  • Systems: Heaters, AC, Built-in wall unit, plumbing system, and electrical system.

This Home Warranty is available in the whole nation. It was established in 2012 and include the premium range of services, from $429 to $499. And the best thing is that the coverage becomes effective in just 30 days of the purchase. They charge $75 cancellation and service fees.

Plans Available:

  • Platinum- It is the all-inclusive plan with AC, Plumbing, Washer and dryer, Oven, Heater, Electrical systems, and many more.
  • Gold- It covers the heating system, plumbing, AC, electrical system, water system, and ductwork.
  • Bronze- It covers garbage disposal, clothes washer, oven, refrigerator, cooktop, clothes dryer, and dishwasher.
select home warranty

This Home Warranty service was established in 1999 provide their service in 33 states. It offers several discounts on their services so that people can easily afford them i.e. $50, $100 or $125. The best part is that they give coverage in less than 30 days of payment.

America’s Preferred Home Warranty has some warranty plans for single-family, multi-family, new construction, and townhouse.

These plans may vary from state to state but offer the coverage for most mechanical appliances and systems. It covers things like inbuilt dishwashers, central AC, electrical, plumbing, pool, roof leakage, and many more.

America's Preferred Home Warranty, Inc.

Complete Protection gives the plans for every budget i.e. $32/month to $720 annually. The best part is that there is no deductible. Everyone can choose their own repair service technicians. This plan is available for homebuyers and homeowners.

Plans Available:

  • Kitchen Laundry plan- $32/month or $384/year
  • Heating or cooling- $34/month or $408/year
  • Basic- $40/month or $400/year.
  • Full house- $50/month or $600/year
  • Full house Plus- $60/month or $720/year
complete protection home warranty phone number

This company was established in 2004 and offers the services in 6 states: Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, and Texas. They give services between the range of $35 to $55/month. The best part is that you get the coverage within the 30 days of payment.

Plans Available:

  • Home systems plan- It covers the inbuilt appliances and electrical system.
  • Total Home Protection plan- AC, heater, microwave, vacuum, dishwasher, fridge, dryer, electrical system, garage door opener, plumbing system, pest control, and other services.
landmark home warranty

This offers home warranty protection for homeowners. HSA was established in 1984 and is best for real estate agents. This service is not available in all the states of USA.

Seller coverage lasts for six months and buyer coverage lasts for 12 months. This may vary from state to state.

Plan Available:

  • Buyer/seller coverage- 75$ trade call fee on $485 and $100 trade call fee on $455.
  • Optional coverage- Centralized AC and heater, thermostat, and ductwork.
  • Basic coverage- Mechanical systems and appliances.
  • Buyer Seven-Star Upgrade- It is an upgrade plan for additional coverage for several appliances and services.
HSA Home Warranty Customer Service Phone Number

Home warranty of America was established in 2009 and provide the services in the range of $44.62 to $53.46 with $75 to $100 of deduction. This company is best for the new homeowners who want coverage in the very less time. This company offers the services nationwide.

Plan Available:

  • Premium Plan- Ductwork, toilet, sump pump, hot water, dispenser, bath, ceiling fans, alarms, doorbells, and all the basic services.
  • Premium Plus- All the services included in premium plus and some replacement services.
home warranty of amreica

It is one of the America’s fastest-growing private companies because of its best customer services. The age of your home, systems and its appliances don’t matter to the choice Home Warranty. And the best thing is that you don’t even have to get your home inspected before getting the coverage.

Plan Available:

  • Total Plan- You get coverage overall home appliances and services for just $450/year.
  • Basic Plan- It includes AC, fridge, and Washer and dryer for $378/year.
choice home warranty

This company offers a 24/7 help and are available nationwide. Here, you can also get an option of free trial for a month. When you decide to go for this company, you have to pay a minimal and manageable amount every month for your services. From big to small, every system is included in their services.

Advanced Home Warranty

Plan Available:

  • Basic Plan- Heating, electrical, and plumbing system; microwave, garage door opener, and dishwasher for $370/year.
  • Total Plan- Everything that is in the basic plan, AC, fridge, dryer, and washer for $450/year.

These were some of the best American Home Warranty companies. You can choose from them.

Best Web Browser For Mac & Windows 10

We live the world of Internet. Nowadays, everything is done online from chatting to paying bills. It has made our lives easier. And to use internet, we need a medium. So the source that people use to search on internet is called as the Web browser. To be specific, it is a form of software that is used to call up websites or general documents and data, like images or PDF documents, and display them in an understandable manner.

There are a lot of browsers available in the market. From big to small, everyone is trying to achieve the topmost position. But when it comes to the best-suited Browser for your Personal computer i.e. Mac or Windows, it becomes very difficult to choose. In this article, we are going to talk about the best web browsers for both Mac and Windows 10. So let’s get started:

  1. Google Chrome:

Chrome was introduced in 2009 and since then it has received billions of users. This browser can be operated on both Mac and Windows 10.Because of this, it has become the most used web browser of all time. It is maintained by Google and known as one of the fastest browsers.

chrome browser

This browser has the best profile management feature which allows many people to use the same browser without getting their internet history and download history fused. Most importantly, Chrome comes with an ad-blocking tool which helps the user to block the annoying advertisements.

  1. Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is another browser that is suited for both Windows 10 and Mac. In 2017, Firefox released its new version ’57 aka Quantum. It is way faster than the older versions and has given a tough competition to Chrome.

mozilla firefox

Firefox browser has many features like redesigned UI that attracted a lot of audiences. Unlike Chrome, Firefox somehow lacks in the private modefeature. Other than this, this browsers has many other features which will not disappoint you on the privacy basis. It comes with features like blocking in-browser cryptomining and disabling of tracking which makes it an alternative choice.

  1. Opera Mini Browser:

Opera was somehow the oldest web browser but after the introduction to Chrome, it got diminished. Recently, they have improved its user interface and that is why it is in our list of best Web browsers for Mac and Windows 10.

... best Web browsers for Mac and Windows 10. opera web browser

Earlier, Opera users were facing a problem of crypto jacking. Now, it has become much-needed for the people who have interest in crypto currencies. Opera also comes with a choice of personal news where you can get updated with the whole world. Like every other browser, Opera also supports cross-drive sync. This browser is no less than any other browser.

  1. Vivaldi Browser:

Vivaldi is new in the market as it is just 1 year old. This browser has many features that is why it is included in this list. This is supported by both Windows 10 and Mac. This browser is created by co-founders of Opera software.

vivaladi web browser

This browser comes with an adaptive UI which changes its color according to the color scheme of the website. It belongs to the same family of Opera that is why it has many same features like supporting the Chrome extensions. It also has the same sidebar on the left-hand side. But In contrast, it has a customization option for the tab bar, address bar, adding custom keyboard shortcuts, etc.

  1. Maxthon Browser:

Maxthon is one of the oldest browsers but earlier it was used as a browser for Windows. Now, it has developed its cloud version. This browser comes with the tools to capture videos from web pages, Ad-blocking tool, password manager, night mode and many more. Maxthon is known as one of the fastest browsers by housing 2 rendering engines like Trident and WebKit. All this makes it a good alternative for Firefox.


Thought, this browser is a little bit outdated, the developers regularly update Maxthon.

  1. Chromium:

Chromium is the open-source counterpart of Chrome. This is the main reason for putting it on our list. This browser has same features like Chrome. The main difference between the two is that Chromium comes with a blue-colored logo.

chromium browser

This browser tried hard to compete with Chrome but it failed. Though, it can still be operated on both Windows 10 and Mac.

Other than these, there are many other browsers that are only supported by either Windows 10 or Mac. So, here are some special mentions:

Web Browsers for Mac:

This browser can be used as an alternative to Chrome and Firefox. Though it is also available for Windows, Apple discounted it some years ago. This browser now can be used only in iOS and Mac. It comes with some amazing features like, ability to search tabs, picture-in-picture feature, reader view, iCloud sync, etc.

safari web browser

All the safari users can share their stuff using AirDrop without even leaving the browser. This browser might not have the best set of allowances, but it has got covered with all the useful and popular things.

This browser offers Mac users a control over their viewing preferences. Amazingly, it let their users change nearly any website’s appearance, i.e. you can change the color and font size. OmniWeb browser also comes with the Ad blockage feature.

omniweb webbrowser

Although OmniWeb browser is used by fewer people, it makes a great choice for the people who love to customize the things according to their liking. This specific browser can only be operated by the Mac users.

Web Browsers for Windows 10:

Microsoft released this browser to save the lost respect of their past master Internet Explorer. Now, Edge is one of the best browsers for windows 10. Here, you can set the tabs aside to make space for some new tabs, it provides an excess to bookmarks, downloads, and history. Edge also comes with an inbuilt Notes extension which can be very useful. It is very fast and responsive.

Microsoft Edge browser.

Torch Browser is best for the BitTorrent fans as it comes with the inbuilt torrent downloader. It comes with a media grabber tool where people can download any videos and audios from the internet. It also includes a music player so that people can source content from YouTube. Additionally, it also comes with a Torch Facelift feature which is used to change the theme of the Facebook profiles.

Torch Browser

Conclusion: These were some web browsers that can be used in both, Windows 10 and Mac. In this world of web browsers, people only choose the famous one. But there some lesser known browser should also worth giving a try. Depending on your needs and speed requirements, you choose from this list.

Best Home Security System Companies

Home security system clearly means that, a process in which interworking components and devices are used to secure home from intruders and burglars. There is a central control panel which works together with integrated electronic devices to protect your home. Basically, home security systems help to secure main entry points like windows and doors. The whole system of home security works on the basic concept of securing the entry points of your home with sensors that are directly connected with control panel (primary controller) to give instant commands. Undoubtedly, the whole system is installed at an appropriate place somewhere in your home.

Every home security system includes some crucial alarms and sensors such as Control panel, Window and Door sensors, Security Cameras (Wired or wireless), Motion Sensors (Interior and exterior), Yard sign and Window stickers and High-Decibel alarm or siren. There are numerous benefits and advantages of installation of best home security system. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. With the help of home security system, you can professionally monitor the details of every second.
  2. Home security system is web-enabled device. Therefore, you can easily disarm or arm your home security system from anywhere in the world.
  3. With the installation of home security system, you can protect your valuable items from burglars and helpful in reducing the crime rates as well.
  4. After the installation of Home security system, it lowers your home insurance up to 20%.

As we get to know about home security system and its numerous advantages. Now, here’s the list of best home security system companies which will let you know what’s happening at your home from afar.


  1. SimpliSafe – Best wireless home security system


SimpliSafe is one of the favourite among users. It is a low-budget and wireless home security system which can be easily installed anywhere in your home. With the advanced technology, SimpliSafe is offering amazing home security system without any contract. Recently, they have added high-quality camera and innovative features to completely protect your home from potential intruders and burglars. It can be easily installed and relocated according to the requirement and makes it a great option for renters. SimpliSafe home security system is available at an affordable price and providing wonderful customer service.

  1. LiveWatch – Best home security system with money-back guarantee


LiveWatch is a smart home security system with reliable equipments and cutting-edge technology. They are offering a touch screen control panel and application for Smartphone which are simply accessible. LiveWatch home security system includes best home security cameras, Z-wave devices, smart locks and other equipments to secure your home entirely. If you don’t like the home security system of LiveWatch after using it an year, then they are offering a money-back guarantee to its customers and no-termination fees. Therefore, it’s a great option which has amazing features and reduces the risk of false alarms as well.


  1. Abode – Best self-monitoring home security system


Abode is one of the best home security systems. After the installation of Abode security system, you can self-monitor your system easily from your Smartphone device. They are providing this self-monitoring service from the beginning and if we compare it with other home security companies, then they are taking extra or monthly charges for remote access. Hence, it’s cheap, reliable and easy to use without any issues or bugs.

  1. Scout – Wireless home security system


Scout is a modern home security system which allows you to monitor your home at cost-effective prices. This wonderful home security system is flexible in use because it’s a wireless and tool-free setup security system. Thus, both homeowners and renters can easily use this security system for their home protection from burglars and intruders. Scout provides one-year warranty for their security system and you can easily use this product because there’s no annual or monthly contract. Hence, Scout is offering secured monitoring without any installation or activation charges. Moreover, you’ll get a discount of 10% if you pay in advance for the whole year.


  1. Frontpoint – Best home security for customer service


Frontpoint home security system is known for their z-wave compatible technology and excellent customer service. They don’t pressurize you to purchase their product which is the most fascinating part of their sales approach. They are providing quick installation, 30 days money-back guarantee and crash and smash protection for your security system. Also, they are offering best home security cameras, video monitoring, window and door sensors to protect your home. The price of Frontpoint home security system depends on the features and services/packages you’re choosing. Therefore, to get superior customer service and advanced technology, then Frontpoint is a great product to get minute details instantly.

  1. Vivint SmartHome – Best home automation security system


Vivint is one of the game changer home security companies who is providing lifetime of warranty and advanced, easy-to-use technology. If you want to control your doors, windows, locks, lights and cameras through your Smartphone, then Vivint should be on the top of the list. The amazing part is that their brand has come-up with a unique and innovative idea of Doorbell camera. It’s energy-efficient equipment and offers two-way voice communication. But, in the beginning you have to pay the installation charges to the company. Thus, you can easily choose from the different packages to get premium services.

  1. ADT – Best home security system for monitoring experience

adt home security

ADT is highly-reputed and popular brand with multiple monitoring centers to serve their customers 24×7 either on phone or email. With 140 years of experience, ADT has excelled in their field and expanded their business with the motive to serve better. ADT is offering advanced features which will let you control all your windows, doors, locks, garage doors and so on from your Smartphone. ADT is little expensive as compared to other home security brands because of their services and features. Hence, ADT has maintained their track record of keeping home safe and secured.

  1. Link Interactive – Best home security system for transparency


Link Interactive is a home security company which offers features such as professional monitoring 24×7, home automation, mobile access and alerts, crash and smash protection and great customer service. They also provide a wide variety of sensors, detectors, video surveillance and home automation control at competitive prices. Link Interactive is best for renters because there are different contracts available such as 12, 24 and 36 month contract option as per your requirement. Therefore, get transparent and upgraded home security equipment for your home.

  1. Protect America – Best home security system at an affordable price


Protect America has lowest monitoring fees with the lifetime of equipment warranty. This top-notch brand is providing a wide variety of services and packages without any hassle. They have a dedicated professional team to address the problems and issues of their customers. Either it’s a landline, broadband or cellular; Protect America is offering monitoring services according to your requirements.

  1. Nest – Best home security system for interconnectivity


Nest secure is a self-monitoring home security system. With an innovative and upgraded technology, Nest secure is packaging multiple features and functions in one such as motion detectors, window and door sensors and other features to secure your home from burglars and intruders. Their home security kit is little pricey, but it is worth the money especially when it’s all about your home.


Lastly, there are several home security companies which are providing equipment to protect your home from thief’s and intruders. Currently, Footprint is the top-notch brand which stood out among the rest of the brands because of their advanced technology and comprehensive coverage at reasonable price.

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10, 7 & 8

The use of computers and the internet is rising across the globe. Data is the biggest asset any individual or company can have. Due to the advancement in technology, we are becoming accustomed to storing our data on our computer. The unprotected data on our systems is in grave danger of being hacked or misused. No one wants their data to be compromised. Antivirus software is a utility tool to protect our confidential data from being hacked. Also, it keeps malware, viruses, rootkits etc. at bay from your computer. You must have noticed a message like – “this website can harm your computer”, that is your antivirus at work.

An antivirus protects your computer system from cyber threats. There are various other entry ports of a virus like a pen drive, cd, DVD, external drives and so on. An antivirus software scans the external device that you plug into your computer for any viruses and if it finds anything that can compromise the integrity of your computer, it will tell you so and will also give you an option to delete that item from the drive. There are websites whose main goal is to steal confidential information from your laptop. As soon as you enter such website, a pop-up window appears and a virus attack is executed. From that point forth, you will face difficulties like crashing of the system, hanging problems, programs unable to shut down and so on. Your antivirus software warns you about the hostile nature of the website before you proceed any further. An added advantage of antivirus software is that it can also clean up your computer. A clean computer means a fast computer. You can run the cleaning tool of the antivirus anytime as per your convenience.

With so many antivirus software around, it becomes pretty difficult to choose the best one. So here is a list of the best antivirus software available in the market:

Norton Antivirus Security Premium:

Norton Antivirus Logo

This is a legend in the antivirus game. This antivirus software is one of the oldest in the market. High level of protection and a host of additional features make this the go to antivirus software. The simple user interface is a cherry on the top. Though the price of this software is on the higher side, people still prefer it over other as it can be installed on up to 10 devices. Also, it is the Best Antivirus For Windows 8.

Comodo Internet Security Pro 10:

comodo antivirus logo

Comodo catches everything from spyware to viruses. The user interface is pretty decent but the only downside of this antivirus software is that it tries to modify your system settings. This is perhaps the Best Antivirus For Windows 7.

Avg Internet Security:

AVG Antivirus

 This is another great in the antivirus market. This software does a pretty good job at keeping malicious elements away from your computer. There are plenty of added functionalities which justify its price point. However, the only downside is the poorly designed user interface.

Trend Micro Maximum Security:

tren micro antivirus logo

 For the price, you are paying for this software, you get a pretty decent utility. Navigation throughout the user interface is simple and pleasant at the same time.

Kaspersky Total Security 2019:

kaspersky antivirus logo

 This is the antivirus of choice of power users. The main focus of this software is to maintain the privacy of the user’s data. It also filters what goes and comes through your hardware devices like a webcam. The pricing of this software is on par with the competitors.

Mcafee Total Protection:

mcafee antivirus logo

 This is a mid-ranged antivirus software. The user interface makes poor use of space. This basically means that there are some basic features missing from the software. While some antivirus software deteriorate computer’s speed, this software works towards increasing the speed of the computer and in doing so, it ensures full security of the PC.

Avast Premier 2019:

avast antivirus

 The protection on this one is critically acclaimed. All the functions are in place and there are a couple of extra features as well. The only downside with this one is the price. Apart from it, everything is exactly what you would want in an antivirus.

Avira Antivirus Pro:

Avira Free Antivirus

The Avira Pro has all the basic functionalities. The performance is almost equivalent to its competitors and in some cases, even better than competitors. The interface is simple. The difference between the free and the pro version of the software is slim and this is the only drawback of this software.

Quick Heal Total Security:

quickheal antivirus logo

Another well-known name in the antivirus game. The interface is hassle free and the protection is highly rated. This software has an integrated PC tuner and works pretty smoothly.

Windows Defender Security Center:

windows defender logo

It is probably the best antivirus for windows 10 but not as good as others. This antivirus works quietly which basically means that it doesn’t disturb you with a whole lot of notifications. Also, it doesn’t have any detrimental effect on the performance of your system.

Pc Matic 3.0:

pcmatic antivirus

The focus of this antivirus is to block the entry of malwares. The updates to the software roll out once in a while and so there is no need to update it every now and then. The Supershield part of the software doesn’t hold up to the expectations. The software would have been better without the Supershield.

K7 Ultimate Security:

K7 antivirus logo

 This software comes with a bunch of additional features. All of them are pretty useful. The user interface is comprehensive yet simple. This is perhaps the unique selling proposition of this software. Everything about this software is perfect except for the price.

When buying an antivirus, make sure that it has a high malware detection rate, doesn’t impact the speed of the computer and has a simple interface.  Also, look out for extra features like backup service for important files on your computer.

Best Rated Airlines To Fly In US & World – Domestic & International

The aviation industry is one of the biggest industries around the world. It employs more people than any other industry and is still pretty far from reaching its saturation point. The number of people traveling through the air has increased manifolds in the last decade. This is evident from the increased revenue during the last 10 years. Everyone knows that markets are moving slow, but still, the aviation industry continues to rise up. The emergence of low cost airlines has impacted the aviation industry positively.

Price and convenience are the two main factors people look at when deciding an airline to fly with. Complimentary services like onboard WiFi, extra baggage allowance, cabin comfort play a major role in deciding which airline to go for. However, this is from the customer’s point of view. Critics decide differently as to which airline is the best. They take into consideration factors like the number of aircrafts in the fleet, fleet age, profitability, customer reviews, and operational safety and so on.

The list of best airlines formulated below takes into consideration all these factors and gives a comprehensive review of the good and bad in each airline. The list is not in any particular order.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

 This airline has been a consistent performer since its inauguration. The airline ticks all the must haves. As a result, it is always present in the list of best airlines in the US and the world. The only drawback of this airline is its limited service sectors. Alaska Airlines and Virgin America merger is just around the corner and will subdue this problem to a large extent. This merger will enhance the strengths of Alaska Airlines and will intensify the competition in the aviation industry.

Singapore Airline:  

singapore airlines

 SKYTRAX awards are the most prestigious awards of the aviation industry. The award ceremony is held every year to honor the best airlines. In 2018, the best airline award went to Singapore Airlines. 26,000 employees of Singapore Airlines ensure that the passengers feel utmost comfort while traveling with them. Their aircrafts are well maintained and the fleet is pretty young. On time arrival and departure is the unique selling proposition of this airline.

United Airlines:

United Airlines

 It is the best domestic airline to fly in the US. United Airlines is known for their services which are at par with premium airlines. Service sectors, baggage allowance, cabin comfort are some areas in which United Airlines outperforms the premium airlines. However, it should work more towards customer satisfaction. It has a frequent flyer program but it needs to be polished to match the competition.

Emirates Airlines:

Emirates Airline

 No doubt that Emirates has a pretty extensive connectivity of routes. To make these long flights fun, in-flight entertainment system of Emirates does a pretty good job. They love what they do and this evident from their continuous efforts to rejoice the customers by providing relevant in-flight services. The pricing of the tickets is on the higher side but the services you get justify the price accurately.

Jetblue Airways:

jetblue airline

 JetBlue tries to inculcate the best offerings of premium airlines. The baggage allowance is decent, cabin comfort is satisfactory for the price, and customer reviews are on the positive side. Punctuality is an issue for this airline. Delays in departure and arrival are holding this airline back.

Thai Airways:

thai Airways

 Inaugurated back in 1988, this is the national airline of Thailand. It is the first member of Star Alliance. Royal Orchid Plus is the name of frequent flyer program of Thai Airways. It gives some unmatched benefits. Thai Smile and Nok Air are its subsidiaries. Thai Airways connects just over 90 destinations across the world and has one of the largest fleets with approximately 80 aircrafts. “Smooth as Silk” is the slogan of the company and it describes exactly what the flight experience is like.

Hawaiian Airlines:

Hawaiian Airlines

 No airline is more punctual than Hawaiian Airlines. This airline connects the remote areas of the United States. International flights are minimal and the frequent flyer program is just about average and gets the job done. However, the prices are on the higher side which might bug the customers.

Qatar Airways:

Qatar Airways

 Qatar Airways was the recipient of the Skytrax award for the best airline in 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2017. This airline is just over 20 years old and has made its mark on the aviation industry in such a short span of time. Qatar Airways represents the ideal airline as it has all the qualities you look for in an airline. Timely arrival and departure, considerable baggage allowance, and cabin comfort and cleanliness, Qatar Airways ticks all the boxes.

Cathay Pacific Airlines:

cathay pacific airlines

Apart from passenger service, it also offers cargo service to more than 200 destinations. The fleet size is close to 200 and some of the major service sectors of Cathay Pacific are Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America. That pretty much covers the majority of the continents. Air Hong Kong and Cathay Dragon are its subsidiaries. Such is the service that you don’t have to think twice about booking a flight with Cathay Pacific.

Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines

 This is one of the best rated airlines to fly in the US. The airline is known for its operational efficiency. Delta tops the performance charts. Time is money and Delta Airlines understands that very well. You will rarely experience a delay with Delta Airlines. The tickets, however, are expensive.

This list is not in any particular order. There are over 3000 airlines in the world and making it into the top 10 demands a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance, and creativity. Some honorable mentions; Lufthansa, British Airways, Air New Zealand, American Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Frontier Airlines. These are by no means bad airlines, in fact, they are very good airlines but they lag behind in some department. You can surely consider these airlines as well.