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The home service club happens to be a leader of innovation as well as the leader of that industry when it comes to home warranties. Servicing over 49 states in the United’s of America, there could focus have always been to provide proper customer service in a wide network. The company consists of agents that are independent home service contractors as well as those directly contracted by the company based upon proper screening and scrutiny.

The company in itself has shown excellence in dealing with home warranty situations. Taking care of your requests 24 hours a day through their home service club customer service number, all you need to do is to give them a call during the business hours. The vetted contractors will be able to easily schedule a home appointment whereby proper authentication of the damage will be done and money will be disbursed within minutes.

A smarter solution for the future

The home service club prides itself in their superior satisfaction of customers, which include a very quick response time as well as efficient solutions that can take care of the needs of their customers. They are able to do so by;

  • Having dedicated staff members as well as localized service providers.
  • A guarantee on the services which will be provided, without charging any additional trade service fees.
  • Consistency in their customer service which results in positive the home service club reviews.
  • Proper monitoring of repair status by going online to your account.

Why should you choose the home service club?

Other than the fact that there are a lot of people that have been inherently satisfied by their service, the home service club also comes with a whole range of benefits that include;

  • Not having to pay any money for repair work or replacement costs for the items which have been covered in the warranty.
  • A home inspection is not always mandatory when purchasing the warranty.
  • The basic home warranty plan provides a one year service contract that can be renewed on a yearly basis.
  • If repair work does not restore the product, it will be replaced free of charge.

Want to get started?

The home service club normally deals with authorized agents only. Calling the home service club phone number entitles you to getting the numbers of your localized agents for you to contact them. In order to make the best decision of getting home warranty solution from an industry leader, get the home service club contact details.

Customer Care Link –

Company Website –

Phone Number – +1-941-212-5605

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3 reviews on “The Home Service Club Phone Number”
  1. Donna Dasher says:

    I’ve been holding on to place a claim and no one will answer. I’ve left two messages with no return call. I’m a property manager and am held accountable to the owner. I will advise him to cancel. I handle warranty calls from many different companies. This one is the worst!

  2. Marisa Michiels says:

    I have been waiting for three weeks for an AC replacement. The Home Service Club has dropped the ball around every corner. They will not return calls in a timely manner and deny coverage for things clearly stated in the contract. I am completely dissatisfied with the services provided and cannot wait to take my business elsewhere.

  3. Neal B. says:

    We have them for 5 years now, my wife and I have never had a issue with them. One thing I will say about them is they are a very honest company, we have had our HVAC system replaced and several appliances over the years and they have been true to every word.

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